Find Get SCGM Source Code Gold Mine Retirement Sale

SCGM Source Code Gold Mine Retirement Sale
Find Get SCGM Source Code Gold Mine Retirement Sale - 140 Products For A Fraction Of What They Cost Me To Create. Jeremy Burns started Source Code Gold Mine a few years ago creating packages of 10 brand new products every few months and then selling each package for $197. He has now done 14 of these SCGM packages.

If you had purchased each package individually at it’s $197 retail price you would have spent $2758.00 on these 140 products.Because Jeremy is ready to move onto a new project, he has decided to do one last Source Code Gold Mine sale. This is the SCGM Retirement sale.

You get all 140 Products from every Source Code Gold Mine sale ever launched and a great retirement sale price. I mean a really good price.

=> Find Get SCGM Source Code Gold Mine Retirement Sale

I could go on all day, you can do anything you want with this stuff.

With 65 eBooks in the package that come to about 1.3 million words of eBooks you could create a ton of new content or lead generators.

There are over 50 hours of video training included in the video products.

There is ton of great software and web scripts.
All 140 products come with full reseller websites and sales letters so you can just add your order buttons and go - but the real money is in simply using all of the content to create new products, or generate leads.

I spent an average of $1200 to $1500 to create each one of these 140 products. That averages out to a very real $210,000.00

Now sure, I have already made way more than my invested money back. I have sold right around $2 million dollars worth of Source Code Gold Mine packages.

At the cost of this retirement sale you can get a great deal on a ton of content you can use for years to come in any way you see fit, plus I make a few extra dollars on the content as well.

Look if you only use one of the 140 products as a lead generator on Facebook, or a Twitter giveaway and you generate a total of $37 leads, then that would mean you spent $1.00 per lead opt-in.

If that's all you did, then this package would be well worth it it you, but by know I know that you know, you can do so much more!

This is a email lead generating MONSTER deal, or use some of the content in your next product - the possibilities are endless.

Order today before this retirement sale is over!

Keep in mind there is a TON of stuff on this download page, it took me days to organize all of the past download and link them up here. It is possible you may find a bad link to a download below, if you do please let me know and I will fix it asap.

=> Find Get SCGM Source Code Gold Mine Retirement Sale
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