Best Plugins Wordpress : WP Headline

Best Plugins Wordpress : WP Headline - It seems awesome. One member at 'that other place' brought up a VERY good point regarding SEO, how using a graphic in place of an h1 title tag could potentially damage your SEO for that page/post. He wisely suggested that you simply wrap an (edited so it could fit here) around the short code should probably fix that issue.
Best Plugins Wordpress : WP Headline

Wow! Was I ever surprised!

The WP Headline Plugin, installs just like any plugin, you would add to your WP Dashboard.  If you are not sure how to do that, because your still learning, that’s ok too.  When you invest in this cool tool, you’ll immediately get an email with your login details to the members area.

Once you log into the members area, there you can find a video that will show you how to download, install and use this amazing Headline Creating Tool.

 At the time of this review…there were two training videos in the members area and that was plenty.  This tool is so easy to use…you could learn how to create amazing headlines without the training videos.

You can easily create amazing headlines because inside you will get:
  1. Over 72 Headline Styles
  2. More than 26 Underline Styles
  3. 24 Highlighting Styles
  4. 10 New Designs Every Month
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All these templates are stored on he creators own Amazon S3 servers so your load times are not affected (that’s important)!

With this easy, fun and fast WP Headline Plugin, making headlines will never be the same.

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