Super Lines v1.1.1 Apk

Super Lines v1.1.1
Super Lines v1.1.1 apk
Requirements: Android 1.6
Overview: The balls of different colors appear on the game board.
Super Lines v1.1.1 
The player can move just one ball per turn to a particular place, if there is a path. When the player moves one ball, new three balls appear on the game board.
The point of this game is to collect at least 5 balls of one color in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. If the player makes such lines, they disappear, and the player gets the points. Do not let the balls fill the game board – play as long as possible and get the best score!
1) choice of the form that the player wishes to collect: line,square or diamond.
2) undo the last move – the “Back” button.
3) a list of records.
Don’t forget to overlook the updating!
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