Rapid Toss v1.12 apk

Rapid Toss v1.12
Rapid Toss v1.12 apk
Requirements: Android 2.1
Overview: Ever tossed a paper ball into a waste bin and felt extremely satisfied? Well now you can enjoy that feeling without wasting a ton of paper! Simply swipe your finger to start tossing paper balls to your heart’s content. We also included wind factor to keep things fresh and airy.
Rapid Toss v1.12
Rapid Toss is a paper tossing game where you toss as fast as you can swipe!
But the fun doesn’t stop there! Toss as fast as you can swipe with Rapid mode and set your balls on fire! When you’ve had enough of the Office, try playing in the snow, or on the Moon with lower gravity.
Choose from five throwing distances, five diverse environments, and 17 different backgrounds with more to come!
Don’t just Toss it with Paper Toss, toss paper around the world for free. Toss games are a plenty: Toss It, Paper Toss, Super Toss, Office Jerk, Paper Jet, Throw It, Toss Paper, and other paper games. But Rapid Toss is then only game where you can throw multiple flaming balls as fast as you can swipe!
Rapid Toss v1.12 apk
- Toss as fast as you can swipe
- Set your paper balls on fire
- Moving target for more swiping action
- Play in low, normal, or high gravity
- Diverse environments including the Office, Moon, and Winter Land
- Intuitive flick control
- Five levels of difficulty
- Crisp HD graphics
What’s new in Rapid Toss v1.12
Rapid Toss v1.12 apk
· Fixed sound issue on some devices.
Free Rapid Toss v1.12 apk
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