Picture Puzzle 2 in 1 v1.0.1 apk

Picture Puzzle 2 in 1 v1.0.1
Picture Puzzle 2 in 1 v1.0.1 apk
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Very exiting ever! Picture Puzzle will give a lot of fun for you! Try it now!
Picture Puzzle 2 in 1 v1.0.1
Picture Puzzle 2 in 1 for all!
Each of us used to play in puzzle games in the childhood. If you like to entertain yourself by making a beautiful picture from a little details then this game for you!
The Picture Puzzle 2 in 1 should give fun for adults and children. This game is not only training for your brain and also allows to enjoy of nice pictures which are result of the puzzle solving.
The game has two different modes:
- CLASSIC mode. There is anyone does not restrict you in actions you do. You can move elements around the game area in way which you would to achieve the positive result.
- mode is named THE 15. This is more difficult mode than previous one, but really interesting. There is an empty cell on the game area and you cannot move picture items how you want. You need to use savvy and have a lot of patience to solve it. It is not easy because of impossibility to shuffle items. Remember – you can move elements to the next empty cell only.
PICTURE PUZZLE 2 in 1 has more than 60 levels with amazing pictures. The levels are opened one after the other. Each of levels is unique by picture it has. Images from 4 themes will be presented to your attention – cars, desserts, cats and… there is one more theme but that will be surprise for you.
Also PICTURE PUZZLE 2 in 1 is needed to tell about several levels of complexity. You can play on the game area with 3х3, 4х4, 5Х5, 6х6, 7х7 and even 8х8 size. Somebody who opened all pictures, played all game’s modes can try “The 15″ without any digit hints – and just believe me it is not a joke to solve such kind of puzzle.
So, welcome to wonderful and colorful world of Picture Puzzle 2 in 1. Download and play with pleasure!
Free Picture Puzzle 2 in 1 v1.0.1 apk
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