Nemus Launcher v1.6.1 apk

Nemus Launcher v1.6.1
Nemus Launcher v1.6.1 apk
Requirements: for Android version 2.1 and higher
Overview: A Home replacement Application with
Nemus Launcher v1.6.1
A Home replacement Application with
- Low memory usage
- Quick response
- Easy App finding/management
- Easy Workspace management
- Easy Folder management
Nemus Launcher v1.6.1 apk
- Widget Resizing
- Themes (native ZIP themes & SSKIN themes downloadable from market)
- 1 to 9 workspaces
- Various App list styles
- Expandable folders in workspace & app list
- Workspace and app menu switchers (screen preview)
- Highlight recently used apps
- Scrollable bottom docks / QuickSetting docks
- Scrollable widgets
- App-Hide&Lock / Screen-Lock
[Working On]
- Additional types of theme
- Backup/Restore/Share settings
What’s in this version:
Nemus Launcher v1.6.1 apk
New : Dock page count customization
New : Show/Hide page indicator
New : Enable/Disable badge display
Change : Launcher settings re-organized
Improve : Faster response of page indicator when scrolling
Fix : Transparent folders after importing home screen from other launchers
Localization : Italian, Spanish(es_ES, es_US, es_MX), Czech, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese(pt_BR), Russian, Japanese, Hungarian, Persian language updated
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