DX Clock v0.9.62 apk

DX Clock v0.9.62
DX Clock v0.9.62 apk
Requirements: Android 2.1 +
Overview: DX Clock,just wake up!
DX Clock v0.9.62
1. Ring according to your actual work plan.Set your work schedule in Workday setting for once.
Then you could totally rely on it!
2. Keep up with your new schedule ALWAYS! Never worry if your schedule changed.DX Clock will ask you whether to close workday alarm before holiday, and inform you to restart the workday alarm at the end of it.
What you need to do is just set your vacation in “Vacation time” setting.
3. Make a voice memo, never miss a thing by it!
4. Soooo easy to set an alarm! Press the timeline button and move,
leave it at the time you want. Press the alarm to edit if you need.
Easy and FUN! You will love it!
Free DX Clock v0.9.62 apk
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