zSmiter v1.5 apk

zSmiter v1.5
zSmiter v1.5 apk
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: The heartwarming story of a lone priest, a gun, and a whole lot of zombies.
Onslaught gameplay pits you against the apocalypse as the horde comes swarming for you!
Chain consecutive kills to multiply your score.
zSmiter v1.5
Manage your timing to ensure you don’t run out of ammunition.
Record your highest scores and chains on your leader board.
Game too easy or slow? Check the Options screen to increase zombie speed and the size of your hordes.
Remember, this is not a game you can win. Nobody is coming to help you.
Eventually, they Will get you.
How many will you take with you?
No gore, no cursing. Child friendly.
Only 1 Special Permission: Vibrate.
No Ads.
Free zSmiter v1.5 apk
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