X Link 0.8 apk

 X Link 0.8 apk
X-Link 0.8 apk,
Requirments: Android 2.2 +.
Version: 0.8
Category: Productifity,
Price: Free,
Zero Setup File Transfer
The aim of X-Link is to make the copying of files between devices within the same WiFi network simple.
Available devices will be detected automatically. No setup is required.
The network has to support multicast messages for this to work.
In addition to the Android app there is also a PC client available (see below).
To receive files form another device simply start the app and make sure the switch is turned on.
To send files use the share functionality of your file manager app or image gallery.
In case of problems or questions please send a mail to:
PC Client
The PC client is a Java (Java 6 or higher is required) application that works in a similar way as the Android app.
To send a file, select a recipient from the drop-down box and drag&drop the file (or files) into the window.
The PC client was tested on Linux & Windows.
PC Downloads
Client version: 0.8.2 beta
The PC client can be downloaded form here:
The current Java version is available from Oracle:
Change Log:

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