Volume Ace v2.7.0 apk

Volume Ace v2.7.0
Volume Ace v2.7.0 apk
Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
Overview: The best looking App & Widgets on the market to manage your device volume.
Volume Ace v2.7.0
Volume Ace v2.7.0 apk
• No ADS
• Profiles
• Set Mode(From widget too): Silent, Vibration & Normal.
• Tone picker for Ringtone, Notification and Alarm
• Sounds while adjusting volume
• Widgets with volume levels and profiles
• No battery drain
• Bluetooth volume
• Ringer volume
• Notification volume
• Music volume
• Alarm volume
• Voice Call volume
• System volume
Planned upgrades:
• Custom Icons for Profiles
• Scheduler
• Big widget
• Auto switch profile on Headphones plug
• more…
Tags:Volume Control Audio Manager Sound Settings Toggle Profiles
What’s in this version:
Volume Ace v2.7.0 apk
• Force Close fix
Version 2.6.8
• Several fixes and improvements in “Plugs” feature. (Please review your settings).
• Now Ringer and Media lock also affect ringermode.
• Lock feature won’t interfere anymore if profiles are changed from widgets or scheduler.
• Scheduled profiles will be applied at boot.
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