Vignette v2012.03.02 Apk

Vignette v2012.03.02Vignette v2012.03.02 apk
Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: Add film and camera effects to your photos.
Vignette v2012.03.02
Vignette v2012.03.02 apk
• 68 effects & 56 frames
• Retro/vintage styles
• LOMO/Diana/Holga toy camera styles
• Polaroid/instant camera styles
• Cross-process, tilt-shift, photobooth, double exposure and more.
• Supports the full resolution of your camera (3.1MP, 5MP or 8MP)
• Flash (if your phone has one) (not working on Dell Streak)
• Front-facing camera support (on some phones)
• Self-timer and time-lapse
• Digital zoom
• Geotagging
What’s in this version:
Vignette v2012.03.02 apk
Bugs fixed in this version:
• Multiple-exposure shooting modes fail on Galaxy Nexus with “out of memory” error
• Pictures from front-facing camera on HTC Evo 4G upside-down since last Android update
• Can’t create “preset” shortcuts in Android 4.0
• “Preset” shortcuts are unreliable
New features in this version:
• Simple remote shutter with Sony Ericsson LiveView
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