Tiny Village v1.7.2 Apk

Tiny Village v1.7.2
Tiny Village v1.7.2 apk
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Can you grow your small town into a thriving pre-historic village?
Tiny Village v1.7.2
Build a pre-historic village where you harvest resources, build homes and construct cool shops. Assign your villagers to work different jobs and use all 7 resources to craft items like tools, clothes, candy and more. Upgrade the Magic Rock at the center of your town to unlock premium boosts, new buildings and decorations!
* Play for FREE forever in this awesome city simulator!
* Grow your village from a small settlement into a bustling nation!
* Use the Market to trade and sell resources with other Tiny Village players. Invest in wood, rock, food and mammoth fur today — sell lumber, stone and woven fur tomorrow!
* Buy crystals to speed up production, get premium buildings, and awesome decorations for your village.
PLEASE NOTE: An internet connection is required to play this game!
Free Tiny Village v1.7.2 apk
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