Tank Recon 3D v2.9.4 Apk

Tank Recon 3D v2.9.4
Tank Recon 3D v2.9.4 apk
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Explosive 3D Tank battles in real-time.
Tank Recon 3D v2.9.4
Piloting your new advanced tank, code named Alpha, you will be shooting it out with various units such as tanks, planes, AT guns and more. Fire your main cannon and watch as the enemy explodes into pieces. Use your guided missiles to bring down enemy planes or anything else that needs blowing up!
What’s in this version:
Tank Recon 3D v2.9.4 apk
fixed save game picture shenanigans
yet another tiny controls tweak.
UPDATE ONLY if you’re having problems.
fixed problem with some devices having white objects.
reworked the virtual control support to be more robust.
couple other very minor bugs.
Free Tank Recon 3D v2.9.4 apk
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