Skyfall v1.4.0 Apk

Skyfall v1.4.0
Skyfall v1.4.0 apk
Requirements: Android 2.0
Overview: Experience The Ultimate Mobile Fantasy RPG Today!
Skyfall v1.4.0
OPEN LIVE BETA Your experience may evolve as we fine-tune the game!
Choose your Hero from 3 your Character Classes: Rogue, Mage or Warrior.
Discover a Magical world of ancient wonders, mystical creatures and perilous dungeons.
Experience tappable turn-based combat to win hundreds of awesome Items, Armors and Artifacts you can equip or sell.
Team up with friends and new allies on the adventure of a lifetime.
Become more powerful and level up with every session as you unravel the mysteries of Skyfall.
Free Skyfall v1.4.0 apk
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