JEFIT Pro Workout & Fitness v4.3.0307 apk

JEFIT Pro Workout & Fitness v4.3.0307
JEFIT Pro Workout & Fitness v4.3.0307 apk
Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: Most downloaded bodybuilding, weight training and workout app.
JEFIT Pro Workout & Fitness v4.3.0307
**No more workout notebook! No more paper and pen! No more stopwatch!
**Try out the JEFIT Workout App, the most premiere way to track your workouts, routines, body statistics, and progress all in one program!
This is the Pro ads-free version of JEFIT, it includes all the functions from JEFIT plus some extra features for paying users:
JEFIT Pro Workout & Fitness v4.3.0307
* Ads-free
* Redesigned UI for Pro version
* Progress bars with goals for all exercises.
* Ability to set goals for all exercises.
* Progress bars + target bars for body stats
* Charts for all exercises
-1RM Progress Chart for all exercise.
-Volume Progress Chart for all exercise.
* Advanced logs viewing mode.
* Extra logs mode for individual exercise.
* Landscape mode fully supported
* Better performance, load faster compare to Free version.
* Ability to Copy/Paste and Duplicate Routines and Exercises.
* Ability to record an Extra Set Without Modifying Sets Setup.
* Beat your records – shows you the weight & reps you need to do to set a new 1RM record.
* Ability to take Progress/Profile Photos with Phone’s Built In Camera and upload to server
* Progress Photo Album Creation on
* Target Repetition Function for Exercises
* Search Functionality in Exercise Database
* Detailed Exercise Database
* Ability to pre-fill weight/reps from specific day of the week or exercise logs in global.
* Setting Default Sets, Repetitions and Rest Timer
* Addition of Quick Timer to Log Creation Page
* Ability to Perform an Instant Workout from Exercise Page
JEFIT Pro Workout & Fitness v4.3.0307
* Profile creation and editing on
* Access to Free support for JEFIT issues and bugs
* Full access to the forums and postings on
* Free Downloading and Access to Thousands of User-Created Routines
** We update JEFIT Pro every month.
** This pro version includes all future updates. Get it today for Lifetime Free updates.
Some Key Features from JEFIT:
Workout Planner with hundreds of workout exercise.
Smart workout logs.
Synchronization with your progress from Android phone with PC on your Profile
Charts for tracking workout and body stats
Workout 1RM,BMI
Super-set workout
Bodybuilding/weight training/fitness App
* Most User Friendly UI (User Interface)
* Constant Updates.
* And many more other features waiting for your to explore.
Designed by serious bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. We know what a bodybuilder wants and needs when going to the gym.
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Recent changes:
JEFIT Pro Workout & Fitness v4.3.0307 apk
1.) Improve UI Design
2.) Improve UI Design – Landscape Mode
3.) Reduce Exercise Image Size.
4.) Removed Animation Plug-In and Merged Application as a whole
5.) Improved Usability
6.) Performance Improvements and Enhancements
7.) Fixed Security Issue with Synchronization
8.) Various Bug Fixes and Improvements
Free JEFIT Pro Workout & Fitness v4.3.0307 apk
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