Gaya3D Launcher v2012.03b Full verison apk

Gaya3D Launcher v2012.03b Full

Gaya3D Launcher v2012.03b Full apk
Requirements: Android 1.6 +
Overview: Gaia interface is only a pure GPU gorgeous 3D UI, which is characterized by the unique 3D background automatically rearrangement rapid smooth, the phone hardware GPU to the limit, to challenge your eye.
Gaya3D Launcher v2012.03b Full
A stunning 3D interactive background
Gaia interface provides a variety of 3D dynamic background of Android tablet computer interface, and stunning examples of results, and enhancing the UI dynamic, and improve product quality. Gaia is more high-end international team of experts to provide the most professional service.
2, folder
Gaia folder balance between functionality and convenience. Directly through the Add menu, directly dragged into the support icon, and can easily be a different page icon into the folder developed, greatly reduce the difficulty of the organization of the icons. Can add an unlimited folder icon to ensure a fresh and rational organization of the interface. So what, try the Gaia experience.
Imitation iPhone icon rearrangement can shake
Gaia interface provides a variety of smooth Android interface. Icon on the Android interface can smooth movement and automatic rearrangement to raise the overall dynamic effect of the Android interface to enhance the interactive experience. Gaia interface also provides a with Android seamless integration of user experience, Apple’s easy-to-use experience with the Android one of a variety of application integration.
4, the tray
The four most common choice to find, placed here, in which page, you can easily use them. Tray which can be placed in the folder, ensure that the more features at any time you have on hand. Gaia is simple and rich.
New version of the new highlights:
Multi-touch (also known as multi-touch, multi-sensor, multi-sensor, the English translation of Multitouch, or the Multi-Touch)
- Support for hands while operating switch with the desktop application.
- Does not affect the flip effect, but the cross-page mobile icon more smooth.
(c) to facilitate the application icon in mobile automatic rearrangement.
A new set of themes: the Color of love
- We no longer have to select the default theme, with this 3D background with a set of lovely fresh theme
- Each including the icon background color and pattern of the tray, the effect of the folder are not as wallpaper switch affect the normal use.
Interaction context
- Interactive background Balloon Fish official release. We can gain control over the size of the fish and swimming in the direction of the desktop background. Shortly afterwards there will be the Lonely girl, and we look forward to it.
Experience the method:
Multi-touch: (experience)
Right hand pressed to set the icon rapid slide until the jitter, the left hand page, with both hands at the same time use can experience “icon next page automatically rearrangement”.
Theme Settings
a menu – Desktop Settings – Themes – cute.
b menu – Dynamic wallpaper – background – the Color of love. If not, then download it to the background store :)
Interaction context
3D background for download in the background store. As long as the finger points where the fish with your fingertips swimming. You can also click on the fish itself, it will instantly change into silly.
Feature updates:
Gaya3D Launcher v2012.03b Full apk
- Support system for dynamic wallpaper;
- More flip effect; – improve memory management;
- Softer vibration;
- Better icon drag and drop experience;
- To optimize the program and out.
- Adapter for MX.
Free Gaya3D Launcher v2012.03b Full apk
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