Final Fury v1.0.4 apk

Final Fury v1.0.4 apk
 It has now been updated to Final Fury v1.0.4 .apk with some bug fixes and improvements. FinalFury is a game featuring battle between Humans and Aliens. The invading Aliens are from the Wender Troy galaxies and this battle is going on for decades.
In FinalFury v1.0.4 you will fight with the invading Aliens from Wender Troy galaxies which is going on for decades. Many people were killed in this battle. You are the last line of defense and hope of survival for Humans where as your enemies are very aggressive and they are advancing very fast.
FinalFury v1.0.4 features more intense combat combined with the most challenging tasks. This game is recommended on a number of web sites and New Year’s Eve masterpiece
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