APK Batch Installer Tool v1.1.1 apk

APK Batch Installer Tool v1.1.1
APK Batch Installer Tool v1.1.1 apk
Requirements: A PC, A Micro USB Cable to connect your device to PC, USB drivers for your device (required for ADB installing), USB Debug Mode enabled on your device, APK’s backed up locally somewhere, For APK backing up, Root is required!
Overview: The best APK Batch Installer Tool you’ve ever used!
APK Batch Installer Tool v1.1.1
Hey Guys,
This is a little something that I wrote on my free time, and I wrote it mainly because I kept on flashing my ROMs often on my android phone, which led to a lot a factory resets.
It was a lot of pain getting the applications I had previously installed back in, even if I had backed up their APK’s before using tools like AppMonster. Batch installing was a bit difficult with errors sometimes cropping up and some apps not working on ICS, and so that pretty much drove me to write… this.
-= APK Batch Installer =-
APK Batch Installer Tool v1.1.1
A simple little windows app that is packaged with adb.exe, and if you’re so nice as to give it the directory as to which all your apk files are stored (I keep local backups on my pc for mine), then it’ll scan that directory for apk files.
From there, it’s just checking and ticking the apps you want to install and clicking next
And if things go right It should automatically take you through the installation :D
Should Backing up be more of your thing then…
As of 1.02 there is a new backup function :)
Which scans if you have applications installed to your SD Card as well…
And is so kind as to rename your apk’s based on their app names too :D
APK Batch Installer Tool v1.1.1
As of v1.1.1, the Install to SD function has been revamped, such that after you tick ‘Install to SD’ and choose which apps to install…
An additional dialogue box will pop up, allowing you to choose which of the chosen APKs are installed to SD.
From there, the installer will update you on the progress of installations, and tell you which applications are being installed to SD.
I don’t by any means claim to be a professional at this, and this is just a tool I developed for personal use, I just thought I’d share it here on XDA is all.
NOTE: v1.1.0a and above contains a lot of bug fixes and is repackaged with an older version of ADB. If you’re having problems with this tool, try the latest version to see if it works, if not reply to the thread and tell me the problem, as well as version you’re using. Thank you :3
-= Requirements =-
- A PC obviously :P
- Micro USB cable to hook your device into your PC
- USB drivers for your device (required for ADB installing)
- USB Debug Mode enabled on your device
- APK’s backed up locally somewhere :D
- For APK backing up, Root is required!
-= Change Log =-
APK Batch Installer Tool v1.1.1 apk - March 10, 2012
-New Feature: When installing APKs and if ‘Install to SD’ is checked, after selecting which APKs to install, the following page will ask which to install to SD. Right clicking and ticking ‘Select All’ will do just that.
-New Feature: Added a link to this forum on the main page, because that’s a feature :P Easier visits to the official forum.
-Rewrote the functionality code page for the post selecting APKs to install page to make way for additional features.
-Lightened up on a bit of code, small optimisations resulting in a slightly smaller filesize.
-Cleaned up Installation page just a little, with more descriptive information.
v1.1.0b – March 10, 2012
-New Feature: When doing an APK backup, the tool will now check if you’ve installed some of your apps to SD, and if so, it will back up those as well
v1.1.0a – March 9, 2012
-Packaged with an older version of adb; The newer version (2012 dated) that I had did not work with some devices and was buggy. Tested to be working on:
ASUS Transformer Prime
Huawei Ascend X (Ideos X6/ Foxconn Fb0 variant)
Samsung Galaxy i7500 Spica (One of the very first android devices I know)
Sony Xperia Arc S
-ReWrote Permissions patching code to fix bugs and push out more useful information
-Set adb to shut down server before each adb command now (makes sure that the adb version running is the one packaged with the tool)
v1.1.0 – March 9, 2012
-Framework for installer had to be re-written for certain additions hence major version bump
-Added “Fix Permissions of /data/app” button that can solve “0 file” errors. Use at your own discretion
-Added ability to install to SD Instead for devices with smaller internal memory.
v1.0.2 – March 8, 2012
-Now has ability to back up all user installed APK files in device onto a local directory
-Automatically renames these files to their App names and versions
-Bug fixes where selection page wouldn’t reset itself when hitting back
-Minor Text Changes
-Kills adb.exe when done
-Later versions may have the ability to choose apps to back up, but that’s if that’s possible.
v1.0.1a – March 8, 2012
-Subversion that includes aapt.exe to display the app name and version instead of filename.
*WARNING* Will load slightly longer than version 1.01 due to the need to dump each apk for it’s name and version.
v1.0.1 – March 7, 2012
-Minor cosmetic changes to the installer text, no changes to functionality
-=To Do List=-
-Backup data now that I know how to work it :P in time though.
-Notify user on APKs that encountered installation errors.
-=Known Limitations=-
-Can’t back-up data just yet
-Some functions require root.
-Application doesn’t like filenames with strange characters, hence some entries will look duplicated, but in fact their name is just the same as the one above it. Display error that doesn’t affect functionality.
And somehow the capslock and bold key got stuck : D
Sharing is caring :D if you found my tool useful, be sure to say thank you (or I will hunt you down and kill you) and if you’d like to see some changes (within my control that is) do tell me as well.
Free APK Batch Installer Tool v1.1.1 apk
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