aOS Launcher Pro v1.8 apk

aOS Launcher Pro v1.8
aOS Launcher Pro v1.8 apk
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: aOS Launcher, reinventing the user experience. Highly Customizable Home replacement application.
aOS Launcher Pro v1.8 
To start aOS Launcher, press your android phone’s HOME key and select “aOS Launcher” in the list of available options.
aOS Launcher Pro v1.8
Unique features of aOS Launcher:
- It takes user experience to the next level
- Stylish black 3D dockbar with Large sized iPhone like dock bar buttons
- Dock bar buttons actually get pushed down when you touch them!
- Over 40 custome icon styles to select from, to make your phone look different each day
- Option to suppress the icons completely and show Application names only
- Option to suppress Application names to show-off your application icons
- Full support to widgets and live wallpapers
- Comes packed with 3 dafault iPhone wallpapers
- Multi-page support with page indicators at top
- Editable desktop icons for applications, shortcuts and folders!
- Even with all these features, has very low memory footprint and runs quite quick
- More customizations and features are coming …
How to change Launcher Settings:
- For Launcher specific settings – Select Menu >> aOS Settings
aOS Launcher Pro v1.8
Some tips about various settings:
- AppIcons – Style option to view over 40 different icon styles.
- “Show Application Labels” option is selected by default, if unchecked will make the Application names disappear from the screen – makes your icons looks very stylish
- “Show Application Icons” option when unchecked will make default application icons disappear. It’s recommended that you uncheck both this and the above option together to make all your icons TEXT based. All your icons will have application names and no images, pretty neat!
What’s in this version:
aOS Launcher Pro v1.8 apk
FC issues fixed.
Free aOS Launcher Pro v1.8 apk
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