Nemus Launcher v1.5.3.1 Apk

Nemus Launcher v1.5.3.1 Apk | 1.1 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up

A Home replacement Application with Low memory usage, Quick response, Easy App finding/management, Easy Workspace management, Easy Folder management.

v1.5.3.1 update:
- Add : Widget resizing (Red colored guide means “Over the limit”)
- Add : Random color specified when new folder is created
- Change : RunningApps function disabled only if Android 4.0 or higher
- Change : L10N shows languages that are actually available on the device
- Fix : App ordering mismatch between app list and fast scroller index on japanese locale
- Fix : Default dockbar shortcuts refined for GalaxyNote

Tag : Android
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