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MegaYatzy v4.0 Apk | 1.9 MB | FS

Play MegaYatzy in the classic or new mode, MegaYatzy or forced mode. It will never get boring. There are up to 12 different playmode-combinations. It’s the perfect game for a funny evening, a party, ...Come and lets dice your life!

v4.0 update:
LARGE UPDATE - You will loose your current scores
Highscores will be saved to the cloud (SWARM)
Global highscore-list of each game-mode (SWARM)
Online (SWARM) - Local highscores
Bought items will be saved to the cloud (SWARM, Free version)
Swarm is used to buy items (SWARM, Free version)
Share button
New layout - ingame (TABLET)
Lots of hidden changes (Code cleanup)

Our main features are:
> Hard/Easy game mode (In hard mode you can’t unlock fixed dice)
> Classic/New game mode
> MegaYatzy with 4 extra fields (only with 6 dice available)
> Up to 12 game mode combinations
> 5 or 6 Dice
> Play in teams
> Save started games, and continue them as soon as you like
> Previous player names are saved, so you can easy start a new game
> Play against your friends or the computer
> Shake2Dice
> Animations
> Easy and simple User interface
> Complete redesigned UI
> Top 5 scores are saved for each game mode
> Multilanguage (German, English)


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