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Infolinks - Join Us Get Free Money Every Month is a program cpc (cost per click) paid iklanya perklik the which is in the text link (ad Appears in the article as well as our posts), rather than as a paid per sale PayDotCom. So far very satisfied with the results of infolinks perklik this, if I calculate the average - average perkliknya I can $ 0.04 - $ 0.07. I try for 3000's visitors Could be $ 13 us per day for one month (Depending on its click click a lot too anyway).

Payment of commission infolinks
  • Via paypal 
  • Wire transfer 
  • The minimum payout is only $ 100 
  • Every 45 days after the commission a minimum of $ 100 collected

Tips and Review Join infolinks

  •      Free to join 
  • Can be installed in Such blogspot free hosting and self hosting (hosting his own) 
  • Can blogs Indonesian and foreign languages ​​including Britain you know. (But I think the language is more in Britain suggest) 
  • Relatively easy to join the averages - the average two-day process of approving (accepted) 
  • If in 2 hr over there has been no confirmation persetuajuan please email replies to 
  • Can selingkuhkan (in pairs along) with Adsense in a single site or blog 
  • As an alternative to Adsense income in Addition to the more and more Smaller cpcnya big as elephants That used to be like ants 
  • I saw some foreign publishers in one month can generate $ 1.500 / month, on Their first payment, quite right, I'm sure you can too. 
  • Try and testing for selecting and setting the Appropriate kategory denagan your site, Some time ago, I was asked to contact the support infolink best revenue optimization, She replied That set the maximum to 12 sett. 
  • If I personally after Trying to mutually exchange was a Suitable default default (original) 
  • Those already join the WHO for peer to peer infolink Perhaps can share for optimization here, trim.

For Those WHO want to try to join here
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