180 Ultra 3.2 apk Android App Games Download

180 Ultra 3.2 apk Android App Games Download
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download 180 Ultra 3.2 apk Android App Games Download
latest update : new version
support Android : android 1.5 cupcake, android 1.6 donut, android 2.0/2.1 eclair, android 2.2 froyo, android 2.3 gingerbread, android tablet 3 honeycomb or above

180 Ultra 3.2 apk Android App Games Download

180 Ultra 3.2 apk Android App Games Download
Mudah bagi siapa saja untuk belajar dalam satu menit, tetapi cukup dalam untuk menantang pemain yang paling ekstrim. Penggemar game klasik seperti Tetris Attack dan bust-Pindah-akan mencintai yang baru "menembak dan flip" mekanik!
180 adalah pertandingan yang gila-3 membalik penurunan aksi permainan puzzle! Peluncuran koin menjadi tiga-dalam-baris untuk menghapus papan vertikal-turun. Bermain warna alternatif dengan membalik koin 180 derajat sewaktu-waktu. Membuat combo yang luar biasa dan dihargai dengan skor BESAR.

download 180 Ultra 3.2 apk
Buy ULTRA for $2, or play the FREE version to unlock ALL content & remove ads!
Hundreds of thousands of gamers enjoy 180 and now so can you, on Android for the first time ever!
Easy for anyone to learn in a minute, but deep enough to challenge the most extreme players. Fans of classic games like Tetris Attack and Bust-a-Move will love the new "shoot and flip" mechanic!
180 is an insane flipping match-3 drop action puzzle game! Launch coins into three-in-a-rows to clear the vertically-descending board. Play alternate colors by flipping coins 180 degrees at any time. Create incredible combos and be rewarded with HUGE scores - just don't let the coins touch the red line at the bottom, or it's game over!
- Classic gameplay that's infinitely replayable - You'll never put this game down!
- Multiple game modes, characters, and themes
- Various difficulty levels to hone your skill
- Multiple gameplay secrets - Can you figure them out?
- OpenFeint achievements and online leaderboards
- Colorful, HD graphics - Ready for your tablet!
- Comprehensive stat tracking
- Color-blind friendly
- Several updates planned for the future!
Developed by people who've worked on some of your favorite games (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Might & Magic, Knights of the Old Republic, Guitar Hero)

download 180 Ultra 3.2 apk
disclaimer: this app is not FREE, please buy in android market or visit developer's website
Please support the developers if you like their app.
tags : aplikasi android, game, support android phone: samsung galaxy, ace, mini, s2, sony ericsson xperia, x10, x8 and all android phone
download 180 Ultra 3.2 apk [download]
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